Many Wonderful Uses For Olive Oil

Olive oil is widely used in cooking due to its health benefits. Kyla Kleaning wants to share with you some wonderful uses for olive oil apart from using it for cooking.


Did you Know?


1. Many folk remedies suggest that olive oil can cure earaches by applying a little bit of olive oil onto a cotton swab and gently rubbing the outside of an ear cavity
2. Gently wipe olive oil on your baby’s bottom to prevent diaper rash
3. If you want to treat your frizzy hair, then apply some lukewarm oil to the hair and then take a shower after 30 minutes. This will help your hair look glossy and smooth
4. Spray some olive oil on your shoes and wipe with a clean cloth for giving them a glow
5. You can make your own lip balm with equal proportions of olive oil and melted beeswax for giving a glossy look to your chapped lips and protecting them from further damage
6. Apply some drops of olive oil using a cotton swab to the teeth of a stuck zipper to ease them
7. Olive oil can be used as natural shaving cream for a smooth shave since it is a natural lubricant. It is a natural alternative to commercial shaving creams that have chemical preservatives.
8. Make a mixture of two part olive oil with one part of lemon juice. Take a soft cloth and pour some of this mixture on it. Shine your wooden furniture with this cloth
9. Take a sip of olive oil before going to bed. This supposedly helps reduce snoring by lubricating the throat. This also helps in treating itchy and sore throat.
10. Use olive oil with rose water and essential oils and use on your skin after a shower as its excellent for dry skin.


Are there any other ways that you use olive oil? Please let us know at Kyla Kleaning by commenting on this blog!