Move Out Cleaning

How To Ensure You Receive Your FULL Security Deposit Back

Ever wondering what landlords REALLY expect??

With background experience in Residential Property Management we knew that by using this list so that we could ensure the same level of cleanliness would be maintained by all of our tenants in their move out inspections. For full return of YOUR security deposit please read through the below guidelines and ensure that all of the items have been completed.

As well as leaving it clean make sure to:

  • repair all damages that occurred during your tenancy
  • return all keys
  • remove all personal belongings
  • provide a forwarding address
  • be present at the scheduled move out inspection date and time

For more information visit the Residential Tenancy Website at

Kyla Kleaning will come and do your move out cleaning using our proven checklist and All we need to know is your move out date and time.

See below for our move out cleaning checklist!!

Lawn and Garden

  • All lawns must be mowed and raked
  • Weed all flower beds and boxes
  • Depending on the season, do either a spring or fall cleanup
  • Driveways, porches, stairs, decks and patios must be cleaned and wept.


  • Swept of all leaves and other debris.
  • All belongings removed *
  • Rails wiped down.


  • All garbage and unwanted items must be hauled away.*
  • Garbage in garbage cans and recycle bins must be disposed of prior to vacating at the end of the month.*
  • Any arrangements for charity pickups must be completed before you vacate.*
  • All compost boxes must be emptied at the time of the move out.*


  • Remove all marks
  • Fill, sand and paint any nail holes.*


A professional carpet cleaning company must to the cleaning. The job must be done with in the last seven days of occupancy and a receipt shown. Use of rental carpet cleaning units is NOT accepted.*

Window Covering

  • If drapes, they must be dry-cleaned.*
  • If blinds, they must be dusted and washed

Windows and Patio Doors

  • Cleaned inside and out, including the tracks

Light Fixtures

  • Remove and wash all shades and covers, including exterior fixtures.
  • Replace burned out and missing light bulbs*


  • Sweep and wash floors
  • Wax if applicable*
  • Clean all moldings


  • Defrost (if applicable) and wipe out melted ice. (DO NOT unplug or turn off)
  • Remove all racks and drawers and wash along with shelves and walls
  • Wash behind and under the fridge.


  • Clean oven, racks and boiler
  • Clean burner drip pans, hoods and filter
  • Wash behind and under the stove
  • Clean out drawer, including tracks and wipe down.


  • Cleaned, including any drip marks and build up around corners/edges.


  • Wipe all cupboard doors inside and outside
  • Wipe all shelves


  • Clean tub, sink, shower & toilet of any water stains or build up.
  • Wash medicine cabinet, inside and outside
  • Remove any hair buildup from the drains.
  • Clean mirror.
  • Remove any water stains from the walls.
  • Wash tiles, clean grout and tub surrounds.
  • Shine taps

*Please note above items with (*) will not be completed by our cleaning staff but are only noted as a reminder for you to ensure security deposit return from your landlord.

As Well, Don’t Forget to Notify (if applicable):

  • BC Hydro
  • Cable
  • internet Service Provider
  • Water Department
  • Terasen Gas
  • Telephone Company
  • Paper Carrier
  • Other Service Providers
  • Set up change of address