Looking for Green Companies in Victoria BC?

Kyla Kleaning has been hard at work trying to locate some great local green companies here in Victoria BC.

Whether it’s for your business or for yourself these next few blogs are going to be focused towards finding the right local and green product and/or service for you!!

Our first five local companies are:

1. The Good Planet (764 Fort St)       

This company sells organic bedding, sustainable stationery, hand-powered self-sustaining electronics, and even organic catnip–this local store has just about every type of eco-product you can imagine. They are also eco-evangelists, helping to raise awareness and change our habits with an excellent newsletter, tweets, videos, and other community-centered resources.   For more information visit www.goodplanet.com

2 – The Soap Exchange (1393 Hillside)

From bubble bath to laundry soap to micro fibre cloths, this shop sells it all.  Dye free, scent free, reusable packaging and biodegradable products.  Great place to stock up for your home or business.  For more information visit www.victoriasoapexchange.com

3 – Citrus O Carpet Cleaning

Have you had us come by and clean your home, and all of sudden the light stains on the carpet aren’t complimenting the sparkling room?  Try Citrus O Carpet Cleaning.  30 years experience, guarantee, and natural and safe products used for your family and pets.  For more information visit www.citrusocarpetcleaning.com

4 –  City Green (220 – 620 View St)

This company has been helping urban and rural homes become more energy efficient. They offer home energy assessments and can help you apply for homeowner grants. From thermal imaging to community education, City Green can help you save money and energy in your home. City Green is respected locally and is making sustainability start with the biggest and often ignored energy consumer: your house. For information visit www.citygreen.ca

5.  Ethical deal

Love Groupon, Couvon, Geeceez and other daily deal companies?  Sign up for Ethical Deal!!    This daily deal company focuses on businesses that care for the planet, respect animal rights, benefit the community and promotes wellness.  So if you are thinking that going green is too expensive this may be the best way to get started.  For more information visit www.ethicaldeal.com/victoria


For more great local green companies tune in to our next blog coming soon………