I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Sheila being here. She is truly doing things above and beyond the call of duty. I have been having a rough time physically; my health has not been so great – and Sheila has just been amazing, doing any number of extra things that make my life easier. I so appreciate her coming and she is doing a great job, so just wanted to let you know. I also want to commend you on how you run your company. You make things very easy for clients and have always been incredibly supportive and extremely good at what you do. Too often we write letters of complaint but rarely write letters of gratitude. This one is the later. Thanks. Ruth

– Dr. Ruth Simkin

Kirsten is great! Thanks so much for sending her this evening. Tomorrow I am hosting a Bridal Shower and tonight is cupcake mania so her help is greatly appreciated. She pays a lot of attention to detail and is so fast. Really, really good.

– Alexis

I am responding to your email for my son Andrew regarding the cleaning services provided by Amanda from your company.

Amanda showed up on time this morning, and promptly got to work. She did a wonderful job in cleaning the apartment. She did indeed do a very detailed clean for the move out. I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for someone. The apartment not only looking the every inch clean, it also had a wonderful clean smell to it. A job well done.

– Dallas Binette

I was going to call you today to find out when you were going to bill me……
Your cleaners did an excellent job, and I would have no trouble recommending your company. Thank you………Once again, thank you so much for helping us out in a pinch, and with all the day changes and everything. I really appreciate the excellent service.

– Julie

We will definitely use your services in the future and be recommending your company to co-workers and friends we have on the Island!!

– Justina

Another very satisfying day…Melissa did an amazing job here. Please can you find out what used to clean the hardwood floors–they look beautiful.

Thanks again! – Linda

Thank you very much for the follow up. I was very impressed with Kirsten’s services…she did a really wonderful job. I especially loved the little touches such as the folds on the toilet paper rolls and folding my daughters sleep sack in the corner of her crib. The house was absolutely spotless but it’s those little extras that I so loved from my former cleaner….and I was so happy that Kirsten had made that extra effort. ……..I’m really impressed with how you run your business, and you obviously put a lot of effort into bringing good people on board. …I was really impressed with her in all respects……..

Thanks so much Allison! – Raquel Adamschek